Frequently Asked Questions

How do I include Saxo Bank’s modules on my site?

  1. Sign-up to Saxo Banks Content Sharing Program, or log-in if you are already a member: Your member id will be displayed on the sign-up confirmation screen.
  2. Configure a module. On the Content Sharing homepage, just click the Add link for the module you want. This will bring you to the configuration page, where you can customise data to be shown, the design and the language.
  3. Click the save button, and then copy paste the code directly into a page on your website.

Why do I not receive any data to the module?

If you are seeing the error message “Unsupported” then it's because you are trying to run the module on an unregistered URL. In order to run the modules, you must first register the domain on which the HTML page containing the module is located. Note that it is only the domain, not the full path to the actual page that should be registered. Sign-up or update your registered URL(s) on the content sharing homepage

How do I change my registered URL(s)?

Simply log on at the content sharing homepage and click Edit Settings in the right hand side. You can then add or remove the relevant URLs and save the updates to your profile.

Can I get stock, commodities or futures prices?

No, we only supply live Forex prices.

Can I receive the raw data?

No, we only supply the live prices in the form of quote lists, charts and data tickers.

Whom should I contact if I experience other problems with the content sharing widgets?

Write us an email to Please include in the email your partner ID (if you already have one).