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    HTML5 Price Alert *NEW*

    Forex traders visiting your website or blog will enjoy setting up price alerts for their favorite Forex trading pairs with this handy widget that sends automatic notifications based on Saxo Bank’s real-time Forex prices.


    HTML5 Currency converter

    Put real-time exchange rates at your visitors’ fingertips with this Currency Converter, featuring Saxo Bank’s live Forex prices for 161 world currencies.


    HTML5 Forex Quotes Ticker

    Bring the excitement of Wall Street to your website or blog and scroll live, continually updating world Forex prices across the page with this streamlined Forex Quotes Ticker.


    HTML5 Forex Quotes

    Get a free HTML5 Forex Quotes widget powered by Saxo Bank and give your website visitors real-time FX prices from one of the most reliable providers in the industry, 24 hours a day. You can choose from 161 global FX crosses to offer the currency trading updates your visitors most want to see.


    Forex HTML5 Charts

    Whether your site’s visitors are new to Forex trading or experienced investors, this feature-packed live HTML5 charting system will let them chart and analyse 161 Forex pairs in real-time.


    FX Open Orders Summary

    The Open Orders Summary module shows snapshots of Saxo Bank clients’ open orders for major currency pairs.


    Open Positions

    The Open Positions Summary shows the most recent snapshot of Saxo Bank clients' FX open positions for major currency pairs.